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Little Home
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Personalized assistance: We care about our clients from the first moment, establishing a direct and fluid communication to help them in all their needs.

Global management: We do not outsource any service to any external company, we control the entire process of the stay and this has an impact on our customers' satisfaction.

Scheduled customer service: Flexibility for check-in.

Fully equipped apartments: Our apartments are prepared to make the stay as comfortable and practical as possible. As if you were at home!

Ideal for families with children: Our apartments are ideal to share good times with the family. Because the children do not have schedules! It is very practical to be able to cook and eat together in a warm place, watch tv together at the sofà and enjoy the serenity that is breathed in our apartaments.

Cleaning services: As if you were in a hotel, we offer a cleaning service so do not worry about ordering and clean during your stay. Relax and enjoy the holidays!

Custody of suitcases: we keep your bags the day you leave so you can visit the city more comfortably.

Reservations for transport service and restaurant: do you need a taxi to go to the airport? Do you need a reservation in a restaurant? We arrange it for you.

Last minute reservations: We attend people who book at the same day.

Good reviews from our guests: At the end, it doesn’t matter what we say because what really does is YOUR WORD.


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